Indian Cultural Experience  with BollywoodFit & Funky Yoga

Presentation 1

Uplifting, engaging and interactive  presentation starts with Bollywood Moves & Funky Yoga. Followed by sharing information about Indian culture. This session is tailor-made to match what children are currently learning. The presentation finishes with dressing-up, bindi/Tikka-forehead painting and dancing. Boys and girls Prep-Y6 are successfully involved.

Holi Festival Drama & Colour Splash

Presentaion 2

Children assist Roushini to act out the story about  Why we celebrate  Holi?
Apart from multicultural learning, this presentation also covers many areas relating to environment, Working together as a team,  eating healthly and drinking water plus It compliments language development and enhances the art of story telling. The session finishes with colour hunt and colour splash. Boys and girls Prep to Y 6 are sccessfully involved. Encourage everyone dress in WHITE -- we will finish colourful

Diwali Festival Drama & Dance

Presentation 3

Children assist Roushini to act out the story about Why we celebrate Diwali?. This interactive, enteratining and educational presentation enhances better understand about the most popular Indian celebration. Children will learn the art of story telling.  Diwali also known as Deepawali or Divali is like "Indian Christmas". Day after Diwali is Indian new years day. The session finishes with creating group rangoli painting and stick dance. Boys and girls Prep to Y6 are successfully involved.

Holiday to India  Prep - Y2

Presentation 4

 Pack your bags, get your tickets and passport ready, we are going for a fun holiday to India. All rounder multicultural experience, covers overall curriculum learning areas.  children are continuously involved and captivated. The presentation also teaches about sharing, caring, lanugage, colours, counting, food, family values and lots more. As a finale, everyone enjoys dress-up and bindi painting. Invite the whole family and enjoy a fun holiday to India.

The Magical Rainbow inside me. 

Presentation 5

This story is based on “Charka” A traditional Indian philosophy about the natural energy flow inside our body. The simplified, fun and adventurous story and drama play shares practical and effective ways to -: 
Empower children.
Enhance their self-worth.
Boost their self-confidence. Work as a team. 

Enjoy the great outdoors.

Create habits to establish positive behaviors. 

Compliment children's mental, emotional, physical, social  health & wellness. Prep-Y6 are successfully involved.

Duration and Costing 

Cost - $7 per child.

Minimum 50, Maximum children: 100  per session.

Duration:  1 hour session.

Small Groups: Minimum  Flat rate of $350 applies. Full day program avaliable.