Professional Development Workshops

Get Creative With Music & Movement

Session will start with involving participants into Interactive, fun, active Bollywood &  Followed by getting creative with music and movement.

Participants will gain knowledge as How to :

  • Include cultural music and movement in planning, programming and implementing for children.
  • Use our body to move in a variety of fun ways. 
  • Use our hands and feet as musical instrument.
  • Create musical Instruments from variety of household items.
  • Have a bag full of simple, quick and easy ideas to involve children into music & movement.
Duration:  2 hours 

 Keeping The Art of Story-Telling Alive.

 A child's mind can think, create and imagine amazing stories therefore it is important we nuture their creative skillls. Let;s bring back the art of story-telling. Story-Telling is Practical and effective ways to Empower children. Enhance their self-worth. Boost their self-confidence.
Compliment children's mental, emotional, physical, social, language and cognitive skills.
. Participants will gain knowledge as How to :
  • Tell a story.
  • Involve children into art of story-telling.
  • Involve children into drama play. 
  • Enhance children's overall language skills including creative & imaginative, thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Include yearly cultural celebrations like Diwali and Holi into planning & programming. 
  • Have a bag of simple, easy and practical ideas    Duration:   2 hours 

Rainbow Fiesta For Kids: Find The Magic Within

Why is it important to teach children self-care & self-regulation from a younger age? 

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