PD for Teachers

Personal Development

Music & Movement

Participants will be involved into Interactive, fun, active BollywoodFit & Funky Yoga. Infused with Indian Cultural Experience. Participants will gain knowledge as How to :

  • Use our body to move in a variety of fun ways. 
  • Create musical Instruments from household items.
  • Include cultural experiences in planning, programming and implementing Music & Movement on daily basis.
  • Have a bag full of simple, quick and easy ideas to involve children into music & movement.
1 hour (minimum )  workshop
2 hours ( maximum) workshop

Art of Story-Telling

Participants will gain knowledge as How to :

  • Tell story.
  • Involve children into art of story-telling.
  • Involve children into a drama play. 
  • Enhance children's overall language skills including creative &imaginative, thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Include yearly cultural celebrations into planning & programming. 
  • Have a bag of simple, easy and practical ideas to implement. 
2 hours presentation
Below are the three popular traditional stories. 
  • Why we celebrate Holi? (Indian Festival of Colours) 
  • Why we celebrate Diwali? ( Indian Festival of lights) .
  • The Magical Rainbow Inside Me:   This story is based on “Charka” 
    A traditional Indian philosophy about the natural energy flow inside our body.
    The simplified, fun and adventurous story, shares practical and effective ways to -: 
    Empower children.
    Enhance their self-worth.
    Boost their self-confidence.
    Create habits to establish positive habits.
    Compliment children's mental, emotional, physical, social  health & wellness.

TLC – Still In Fashion.  Self - Care.

Interactive, informative, hands on,workshop aims to Empower and Enrich participants with practical, simple and easy daily practices as How to

  • Be proactive to make healthy lifestyle choices and live well.
  • Make self-care a priority.
  • Manage stressful situation.
  • Simplify life to quality living.
2 hours ( minumum )
Maximum Full Day

Romance with spices Cook & Eat 

Participants will be involved into Interactive, fun, Informative, presentation to share as How to:

  • Create a positive relationship with  Spices  to compliment our health & wellness.  
  • Substitute ingredients to cater for personal needs and enjoy a variety of home-cooked meals. 
  • Plan, prepare weekly meals in advance. 
2 hours presentation