Professional Development Workshops

0-12 Year old Educators & Teachers.

Funky Music & Movement

Participants will be involved into Interactive, fun, active BollywoodFit & Funky Yoga. Infused with Indian Cultural Experience. 

Participants will gain knowledge as How to :

  • Include cultural music and movement in planning, programming and implementing for children on daily basis.
  • Use our body to move in a variety of fun ways. 
  • Create musical Instruments from household items.
  • Have a bag full of simple, quick and easy ideas to involve children into music & movement whole year around.
Duration:    2 hours 

Art of Story-Telling

Story-Telling is Practical and effective ways to Empower children. Enhance their self-worth. Boost their self-confidence.
Compliment children's mental, emotional, physical, social, language and cognitive skills.
Let;s bring back the story-telling like our grand-parents did.
Our mind can think, create and imagine amazing stories therefore our children need to experience this ART. 

Participants will gain knowledge as How to :

  • Tell a story.
  • Involve children into art of story-telling.
  • Involve children into acting and  drama play. 
  • Enhance children's overall language skills including creative & imaginative, thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Include yearly cultural celebrations like Diwali and Holi into planning & programming. 
  • Have a bag of simple, easy and practical ideas to implement. 
Duration: Minimum 2 hours or half day.

Be Your Self-Care Guru.

Teachers & Educators are always busy looking after someone else. There is always something to do and some meetings to attend. All the daily demands may become alot for our body and mind to cope therefore, we need to take time out to look after our health & wellness. 

This Interactive, informative, hands on workshop aims to Empower and Enrich participants with practical, simple and easy daily practices as How to

  • Make self-care a priority.
  • Learn to live like a villager in modern world.
  • Follow your passion even when you are busy.
  • relax daily for instant energy boost. 
Duration: Minimum 2 hours or half day.

Good Mood Food Starts With  

Romance with spices

 Participants will be involved into Interactive, fun, Informative, presentation to share as How to:

  • Create a positive relationship with  Spices  to compliment  health & wellness.  
  • Make cooking Fun and joyful experience for self and children.
  • Cook simple, delicious, nourishing meals within minutes. .
Duration: Minimum 2 hours or half day.