Professional Development Workshops

Self-Care First

Simple, Practical, Interactive workshop to encourage individuals to self-care.

During the fun-filled session, participants will be engaged in a variety of  hands-on activities to enjoy and understand the importance of self first.  

Throughout this PD, participants will learn a range of self-care strategies that can be adapted daily. They will also be equipped with knowledge as how to implement self-care for the children.

For tailor-made presentation, discuss with Roushini.

Duration:  2 hours 
     Bring Back the Art of 
A child's mind can think, create and imagine amazing stories therefore it is important we nuture their creative skillls. Story-Telling is practical and effective way to empower, enhance and boost children's language and creative skills.. Participants will gain knowledge as How to : 
  • Tell a story.
    Involve children into art of story-telling & Acting.
  • Enhance children's overall language skills, creative, imaginative, thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Include Diwali and Holi festivals as story-telling into planning & programming.   
Duration:   2 hours 

Finding The Magic Within

Why is it important to teach children self-care & self-regulation from a younger age and how to teach them?

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