Cultural Learning Experiences Membership

Cultural experiences and awareness plays a very important role to guide children to embrace other cultures as well as develop a positive sense of identity, belonging and appreciation of their own culture. It also promotes children’s positive self image.

This package consists of 6 programs:

  1. Holi For Kids (Festival of colours)
  2. India Comes To Your Classroom For Kids
  3. Bollywood For Kids
  4. Diwali For Kid (Festival of lights)
  5. Art of Storytelling For Kids
  6. I Am Australian Too For Kids

Each consisting of 3 parts:

  1. How to utilise the program
  2. Ready-to-implement presentation for the children
  3. Follow-up activities.

Each program is delivered in a simple, educational and a fun manner which also complements the current curriculum learning in the classroom and beyond.

Before you subscribe to the Cultural Learning Experiences Membership we just want to make sure….

  1. You have watched the 6 preview videos.
  2. That you write down the email address you use to register because that will become your user name. Write down your password too.
  3. You will be directed to PayPal to purchase this subscription of 6 programs. Your access automatically expires after a month.
  4. Contact Us if you have any trouble signing up.
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