About Roushini 

Roushini has over 35 years experience working with children.  She started her teaching career as a "village kindergarten teacher". Her first job in Australia started as a family day care provider leading to working full time in long day care centre as a centre director, group leader for 0-5 year olds, coordinator for before-school, after-school and vacation care.

2001, Roushini established Roushinis Fun India - Cultural Learning Made Fun. She became Education Queensland & Australian Sports Commission Active After School  accreditated presenter,Since then she have created,  developed and implemented over 15 unique, interactive, educational and entertaining presentations for Primary schools, after school, vacation care incursions and Day care centres, kindy's plus festivals & events.

With a great passion and love for her rich Indian hertiage, Roushini believe that the most effective way to share and teach culture to any age group is by making presentations interactive and adaptable for participants to get involved and learn by having fun and play. This approach inspires, motivates and enhances participants deeper appreciation, better understanding and greater cultural awareness.

She always aim to present a fun, interactive session for all ages including individuals with special needs. Each presentation is tailored to sync with individual goals, learning areas and cultural theme.  Roushini's  goal is  to deliver a positive, fun and  learning  presentation for all ages.