Holiday to India Show 

 Show 1

Pack your bags, get your tickets and passport ready, we are going for a fun holiday to India. This show is an all rounder multicultural experience. It includes all areas of learning and is fun, interactive, entertaining and educational. With lots of dancing and drama,children are continuously involved and captivated. The presentation incorporates topics about sharing, caring, lanugage, colours, counting, food, family values and lots more.

As a finale, everyone enjoys dress-up and bindi painting. Invite the whole family and enjoy a fun holiday to India.

Holi - Festival of Colours Show

August 2014

Excellent multicultural and environmental show that shares the reasons for celebrating festival of colours. Children will assist Roushini to act out a very popular traditional Hindu festival- Holi. The interactive, fun and energetic dancing show shares one of the legendary Holi story which tells how we created colours and why we splash colours to celebrate the festival. The show inspires children to enjoy art of story telling, use their imaginative and creative skills to act, share, give to others, eat more fruit and vegetables and be water wise. It also communicates the message about the importance of people and animals working together. With lots of dancing and dress up, the show finishes with colour painting Roushini and each other. Apart from multicultural learning, this show also covers many areas relating to environment and looking after our planet. 
These days,Western world has adopted Holi colour concept to enjoy Colour run.

Diwali - Festival of Lights Show

September 2015

Legendary Diwali story is excellent multicultural show which shares the reasons why we celebration this traditional Hindu festival.It communicates the messages about importance of family togetherness. Children will assist Roushini to act out a very popular Diwali story.The show inspires children to enjoy art of story telling, use their imaginative and creative skills, listening and acting. It covers many positive learning elements like family togetherness, love, respect, caring, sharing, giving, helping..just to name a few. The show finishes with colorful light effects, dressing up, forehead painting and energetic dancing.
World famous Diwali also known as Deepawali or Divali which is "Indian Christmas". Day after Diwali is Indian new years day.

Dance Party

March 2013

With combination of uplifting playlist including children's favourites and energetic Bollywood numbers, colourful disco lights, lots of fun games and dancing, this session brings instant Fun to your venue. This session is excellent for family fun nights, graduation, christmas or any celebration.

Suitable for 15 months to 12 years

Picsee balls - Active Fun Play and learning

August 2014

Colourful Big Play Yard is set up with huge fruit, vegetables and animals picture balls. In small groups, children take turns to Interact,Play And learning. They get to know more about individual fruit, vegetables and animals. While children are playing, they are involved into proactive learning, story telling, getting active and healthy. Next Fun Day/Fete/Celebration Instead of jumpinng castle,  Visit

Duration & Costing

September 2015

All shows duration: 45-60 Minutes
Cost $7 per child minimum 50, maximum 80 participants
Small centre - a flat rate of $330 applies per show. Disco party is $350
Show time:10am and 2pm.
Avaliable evenings & weekends for Holi, Diwali and Dance Party.