Cooking is Fun

Cook  Learn  &  Ejoy

I love to cook and I love to eat.

I was only 5 years old when my mum introduced me to cooking. By the time I was 12, I was cooking the full on dinners for my family.
I really value that my mum was so passionate and calm as she taught me how to cook. The knowledge she shared and the time we spent together preparing food is priceless.
My children experiences about food has given me pure love to enjoy all types of food.

Born and raised in a village, my experiences with food has always been very positive.
My family taught me that all food is beautiful to eat. Food is our friend, we plant it, look after it, pick what we need, prepare all the ingredients with loving thoughts, cook with passion  and be grateful for having food on our plate that nourishes our food.

Living in Australian as given me another version as how my  Australian friends  talk about food, see food, label food.
In the beginning I used to get confused and feel sad as how something that nourishes body, provides us energy, makes us look good and feel great – Why we calling it with “Nasty “ names? Why we call all those names to our food and expect it to make us healthy?
I know food is our best friend. I love to cook it, eat it and share it with others.
I really like to share my love for food with children. As I mother of 2 beautiful girls – who love to cook and eat, I really like to share my experiences and knowledge with you.

As a grown ups we need to be mindful, conscious and connect to food in a positive manner and be a role model for our children so they can understand and experience joys of cooking and eating the food.  
Together we can re-create a new way to talk about food and treat food as our “Best Friend”

Cooking is fun is a session for grown ups to involve children into cooking, enjoy quality fun time and cook with love. Remember don’t sweat the little things...all the mass can be cleaned up.
Let's have fun and get into cooking yummy, delicious  and tasty  cooking & eat session.

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