Funky Moves For Kids

Move and Keep Active

I love moving and keeping physically active.
Born and raised in a village, It was natural part of my daily life to move in a variety of ways – walk, jump, climb, skip, dance, crawl, roll ..just to name a few.
As a child, movement was   most joyful thing I did.

Funky Moves is mindfully created to motivate and inspire children  to enjoy movement in a fun manner.  With laughter, dance and variety of  cool moves, children will be looking forward to join in Funky moves everyday. Children will experience the joy of movement  without the drudgery of  stricted  structure. "Kids just want to have fun".

Funky moves will Introduce kids to something they might not ordinarily see, do  or even know that is out there. It's time to engage children in something besides television. Give them a gift by building a lifelong love for physical activity rather than a love for technology.

As a lover of movement, I do not use the word EXERCISE. I say “ Let's have fun, fun, fun
The more positive stimulus you share with kids, the more they widen their universe.
Encourage kids to build a life-long love for physical activity get into Funky  Moves.

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