Funky Yoga Kids

A physical activity with Fun

I have been working with children for over 34 years.
I recognize and value the importance of how children love to learn through fun and play.
It is very important to consider this factor  when encouraging children to join in any physical activity.  

Funky Yoga is mindfully created to motivate and inspire children  to enjoy Yoga in a fun manner.  With laughter, dance and variety of poses, children will be looking forward to practice  Funky Yoga everyday. Children will experience the joy of yoga  without the drudgery of  stricted  structure. "Kids just want to have fun".

Funky Yoga will Introduce kids to something they might not ordinarily see, do  or even know that is out there. It's time to engage children in something besides television. Give them a gift by building a lifelong love for physical activity rather than a love for technology. The more positive stimulus you share with kids, the more they widen their universe.
Encourage kids to build a life-long love for physical activity get into Funky Yoga.

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Funky Yoga will assist to:
1. Become calmer, peaceful, patient and thankful.
2. Breath better which will assist with dealing with stressful situation.
3. Practice  good posture – looking confident and reducing postural aches and pains.
4. Become mindful about how we treat our body and what we eat and drink.
5. Live healthy, happy and content life.
6. Reverse processes of aging -  Good reason for grown ups to join in and enjoy Funky Yoga.