Holiday to India Show

Option 1

The all rounder multicultural experience which teaches Indian culture in a fun manner. Children will be learning about sharing, caring, new lanugage, colours, counting, food, family values and lots more. All the children are continuously involved and captivated during the interactive, entertaining and educational show. With lots of dancing and drama, the show finishes with dress-up and bindi painting. Invite the whole family and enjoy a fun holiday to India.

Holi - Festival of Colours Drama Play - Show

Option 2

Excellent multicultural and environmental show which shares Why we Celebrate Holi? Roushini narrates and children act out the Holi story. With lots of dancing and dress up, the show finishes with colour painting Roushini and each other. This show also covers many areas of learning like what is drought? Working together, eating healthly, drinking water, saving water and looking after our planet. The world famous Holi  colour concept is becoming very popular as Colour run in Australia.

Diwali-Festival of Lights Drama Play -Show

Option 3

Excellent multicultural show which shares the Why we celebrate Diwali. Roushini narrates and children act out a very popular Diwali story. It covers many positive learning elements like family togetherness, love, respect, caring, sharing, giving, helping and new begining. The show finishes with colorful light effects, dressing up and energetic dancing. The World famous Diwali also known as Deepawali or Divali which is like "Indian Christmas". Day after Diwali is Indian new years day.

Dance Party

Option 4

With combination of uplifting playlist including children's favourites and energetic Bollywood numbers, colourful disco lights, lots of fun games and dancing, this session brings instant Fun to your venue. Excellent for family fun time, Bollywood theme celebration, graduation or   any celebration.

Playful Meditation for Kid: There Is A Magical Rainbow Inside You.

Option 5

 Incorporated with music and  movement, This presentation is mindfully created for children to learn the art of meditation in a fun, playful manner. Step by step guidance will provide the children ideas as how to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a positive manner. Children will also learn how to be kind to self and others. This valuable presentation aims to enhance children's overall  health,happiness and development.
Boys and girls are successfully involved.

Duration & Costing 

* All shows duration: 45-60 Minutes

* Cost $7 per child minimum 50, max 100 participants

* Small centre - less than 50 children, a flat rate of $350 applies per show.

* Show time:10am and 2.30pm.