My Body Rocks

Teaching Kids healthy attitudes

As a mum and a teacher, I am committed to be the role model and teach children the healthy habits to love our  body.

Teaching children body acceptance and self-love at a young age is very CRUCIAL.

My Body Rocks teaches children how to unconditionally love their body.
Children will learn to  say positive  things about their body, appreciate and feel total grateful for what their body can do.

My Body Rocks presentation is mindfully created  for children to learn about self-worth.
Through story telling, fun  songs and moves, children will pick up  the positive vibe about their body, learn how to develop their body image and express happy feelings.

My Body Rocks teaches children accepting their body just the way it is and loving it.
It creates a  life long journey of healthy body image.
Happy child = happier teenager = happiest adult.

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