Cooking is Fun

Teaching Children To Love Food

Cooking is fun isession is about getting children involved into cooking at a younger age. Children will learn to love to cook and eat nourishing food.  Enjoy quality fun time and cook with children.
Let's have fun and get into cooking yummy, delicious  and tasty  meals within minutes and enjoying eating it together.

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My Body Rocks

Teaching Children To Love and Cherish Their Body.

Chidlren are born accepting themselves just the way they are. My Body Rocks enhances that self-acceptance.
Through story telling, fun  songs and moves, children will pick up  the positive vibe about their body.

Happy child = happier teenager = happiest adult.

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About Online Shows

The Online, interactive, educational and fun shows and presentations can be watched anytime, anywhere.

Teachers and parents can ulitise these presentations anytime..

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Holiday to India

Making Learning Fun For Kids.

Fantastic Indian cultural experience with Bollywood fun. I created this show 15 years ago and  it is still number one mutlicultural show enjoyed by 15 months to 8 year olds.So much fun, entertainment and learning in one.

Unlimited planning and programming ideas for teachers/educators. Let's go for a exciting Holiday to India..

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Funky Yoga For Kids

Teaching children To Love Movement

Give children a gift of life long love for physical activity. Funky Yoga is mindfully created for children to enjoy yoga poses in a fun manner. Join in with kids and get into Funky Yoga anytime you like.

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Funky Moves For Kids

Teaching Children To Keep Phyically Active.

Funky Moves is  created to motivate and inspire children  to enjoy movement in a fun manner.  With laughter, dance and variety of  cool moves, children will be looking forward to join in Funky moves everyday. Join in with kids and get into Funky Moves anytime you like.

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