Self-Care First - Your Wellness Matters

Our mind and body needs our care. To stay energized, w e need to slow down, rest, revive and recover. 

This interactive workshop will involve, inspire and empower individuals to prioritise self-care first.  During the hands-on session, participants will be engaged in simple, practical, easy hands on self-care activities.

Tailored presentation will have a variety of engaging activities includingBollywood dance,  basic yoga, laughter yoga, meditation, mindfunlness, relaxation, grounding and gratitude activities.  

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and information as how to utilise the TIME they have to "Fit-in" self-care. They will take home valuable ideas, tips and techniques to continue self-care on daily basis.

Duration: Minmum 1 hour.   Cost: Request for Quotation.


 Children's Health & Well-being Matters.

Introducing the Tribal Kids Club Program.

Seven Tribes + Seven colours + Seven Positive messages.
Duration: Minimum 1 hour ( only covers the basic)

Maximum: 2 hours - Best option.

Cost: Request for Quotation.  

For Further Information  VISIT SITE

Plant-based Cook & Eat: 

High Protein, Energy & Wellness Foods 

Delicious - Simple - Easy - Practical

Monthly Plant-based Cook & Eat Sessions is happening NOW

Event on Roushinis Fun India Facebook Page. 

To organise a session at your venue, please discuss with Roushini.

 Art of  Telling A  Story

A child's mind can think, imagine and create amazing stories. It  is very important we nurture and nourish their story-telling skillls.  

This workshop will bring back the good old story-telling time. The participants will learn how to start telling a story about any topic. The fun, interactive and hands-on session will share practical and effective ways to Empower, Enhance and Boost children's imagination, creation, language and cognitive skills.

Participants will gain knowledge as how to: 

  • Tell a story.
  • Involve children into art of story-telling.
  • Involve children into spontaneous drama play.
  • Enhance children's overall language skills, creative, imaginative, thinking,  problem solving. mental, emotional and social skills. 
  • Include story-telling into daily planning & programming.   
Duration:2 hours 
Cost: Request for Quotation.
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