Indian Cultural Experience with Studios of activities, BollywoodFit & Funky Yoga

The fun starts with energetic and interactive BollywoodFit and Funky Yoga  leading to studios of activities.

Roushini  introduces and demonstrates 10-12 fun Indian cultural activites for children to explore,  experience and enjoy. Adults join in and have fun with the children. 

As a finale, children present a Bollywood show. 

Boys & Girls are successfully involved.

Holi Festival Drama Play with Colour Hunt and Splash

The fun session starts indoors with interactive BollywoodFit & Funky Yoga followed by Roushini narrating and children acting out the story about W  hy  we celebrate Holi? Children will be divided into smaller groups for them to create their own version of Holi story, rehearse and present it to the whole group. 

As a finale, fun will continue outdoors with everyone celebrating Holi through colour hunt and colour splash.

Dress code: Dress in WHITE.   .Boys & Girls are successfully involved..

Diwali Festival Drama Play & Rangoli Art.

The fun session starts with interactive and energetic Bollywoodfit & Funky Yoga  followed by Roushini narrating and children acting out the story about Why we celebrate Diwali? 

As a finale, children will create Rangoli designs, dress-up and dance.

Boys & Girls are successfully involved..

 Cook & Eat With Active Games

The fun session starts with uplifting, interactive and engaging BollywoodFit & Funky Yoga followed by cook & eat session. 

Roushini demonstrates and guides children through Step by step lesson as how to prepare and cook roti/chapatti combined with fresh salad to make a yummy wrap or toasties..  children will be involved during cooking. 

As a finale, participants will eat what they have cooked.

 Boys & Girls are successfully involved.

Playful Meditation For Kids: There Is A Magical Rainbow Inside You.

Program 5

The fun session will start with interactive BollywoodFit & Funky Yoga followed by Playful Meditation: There is a magical Rainbow Inside You.The session will continue with varieties of colourful activities, dress-ups and games.
The educational and cultural presentation is mindfully created for children to learn the art of meditation in a fun, playful manner. Step by step guidance will provide the children with simple, practical and easy ideas as how to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a positive manner. Children will also learn how to be kind to self and others. This valuable presentation aims to enhance children's overall health,happiness and development.
Children will take home their creation. Boys and girls are successfully involved.

Duration and costing

After-school: 1 hour session can be delivered. 

Cost: $350 flat rate for upto 50 participants.

Vacation Care: 2 hours Sessions: 10-12 and 1.30-3.30pm daily.  Cost: 30 children and under, flat rate of $450 applies. 

  Over 30, $12pp Maximum 80 participants.

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