Namaste - Hello

My Name is Roushini.
I am a professional artist and cultural collaborator with over 35 years experience working with children 0-12 years old. I am the founder. creator and presenter of Cultural Learning Made Fun. 
With over 15 interactive and educational, presentations, there is a tailored program for  Primary schools. OSHC,  Day care centres, Kindergartens, libraries, Festivals & Events. 
Why we celebrate  Holi (Festival Of Colours) and Diwali (Festival Of Lights) ?
Both presentations, involve children in a spontaneous drama play to act out the traditional stories.
Teachers, Educators and Parents PD workshops is also available.
I am the author & presenter of The Magical Rainbow Inside You & My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow - Teaching children sense of SELF. CLICK HERE.
Based in Brisbane, I  travel around  Australia including regional, remote areas and Overseas.  ABOUT ROUSHINI