Inclusion & Diversity

“Inclusion – No matter who we are, where we come from, what we do and look like – We are valued, respected plus provided with equal access to all the services, resources care and support to live a full life “

To be knowledgeable and informed about the current diversity needs at workplace and in our community can assist everyone to work together to provide inclusive care and services.

When we value others differences and educate ourself to learn about individuals specific needs, we are empowered to provide quaility services. This leads to improved workplace productivity with greater job satisfaction.

During this interactive session, the participants will be involved into:

  • Diversity is more than what we see
  • Recongise personal conscious or unconscious biases
  • How to always lead with inclusivity
  • How to involve staff and families to utlilise their talents, skills and abilities to contribute to workplace policies and procedures
  • How diversity compliments to the workplace advancement
  • How to outsource community resources and information
  • How to effective serve families and chidlren from diverse background
  • How to plann and implement inclusive programs for all children

Duration: Minimum 1.5 hours

For further information about the session and the cost, contact Roushini.

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