All Emotions Are Good

The presentation starts with energetic Bollywood moves followed by Roushini narrating and children acting out the My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow Story.

The fun-filled,  drama play presentation teaches children that ALL Emotions Are Good. It is ok to Feel and Express different types of Emotions  tell a grown up about it – Especially when they are feeling Sad, Angry, Upset, Annoyed, Lonely – Grown-ups will guide them as How to Express All Emotions “Appropriately”.

Apart from enhancing their mental, emotional well-being, children will enrich their social and physical skills. 

Big concepts for little minds, however with repetition and consistency this interactive, lessons will be learnt and remembered for a lifetime.

This presentation is very popular for:

  1. Children’s health & well-being
  2. Literacy Week
  3. Mental health Week
  4. Book Week
  5. Cultural Experience
  6. Teddy Bears Picnic
  7. Your choice

Each presentation is tailored as per the age/stage of the children and as per the request by teachers & educators.

Tailored for boys & girls from 15 months to 6 Years

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