Bollywood Fun & Fitness

Bollywood = Indian Movies
The movies are mostly musical and contain very catchy music in the form of song and dance numbers. What we can’t say in words, we express it through dance using our facial expressions, body, neck and head movements.

Bollywood Fun & Fitness is for everybody. With a mixture of numerous dance styles, upbeat songs the participants will start smiling, laughing and swaying their whole body in no time. Throughout the session participants will be given lots of options to keep moving at their own pace.
This interactive presentation has lots of health benefits therefore by the end of the session the participants will feel:
  • ° Happy and energised 
  • ° Boosted coordination and rhythm
  • ° Enhanced stamina and endurance
  • ° Rewarded with Full body workout
  • ° Great to let go, have fun and enjoy something new

Suitable for Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: As per quotation
Venue: Roushini will come to your venue

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