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When I present live, I tailor to 15 Months to 5 Years & 5 to 12 Years. Children are involved from the begining to end. I have tailored the online presentation the similar way however you know your age group better therefore you decide.

Absolutely! I highly recommend that. You will have prior information before children watch it plus you may decide to stop and ask children questions like " What do you think happens next"?.

Though the story about Diwali & Holi comes from Hinduism - there is NO religion references. I don't include religion to any of my presentations. I am a story-teller therefore the whole presentation is delivered as a simple yet educational and entertaining story Why We Celebrate Diwali & Holi ?I have modified it for children and adults to enjoy together. Both stories are easy to follow, understand and comprehend.

Yes - The first clip you will watch will provide you with all the information before the main presentation.

Definitely, After you have watched “Why we celebrate Diwali” the next clip is all about simple, practical, easy and fun activities you can do with the children or let children create by themself. Any further activity ideas or any more questions, please contact me.

Yes, Definitely. Please book in advance. I travel around Queensland.

Yes - All docements is emailed to you.

By December 2021 - When I create a new program, It will be available in 2022.

Yes - Please book in advance.

Any time suitable for you. If I don't answer, please leave a message and I will call back ASAP. You also can email me or leave a message using our contact form.