Indian Festivals & Events Coming To Your Region – Fun For The Whole Family

Roushini will travel to your region to organise:-
Holi – Indian Festival of colours
Diwali – Indian Festival of lights
Kite Fest – Make and Fly Kites
You can request as what you like the community to experience and Roushini will create it for you.
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Make & Take Activities
  1. Bollywood Bling – hand and foot jewellery
  2. Rice juggling balls
  3. Colourful wind chimes
  4. Rangoli Designs – colourful art

Do-It-Yourself Activities

  1. Dress up in colourful Sari’s
  2. Photobooth
  3. Make up like a Bollywood Star
  4. Colour up – nails/hair/body
  5. Get creative with Henna art

Cook & Eat Yummy Festival Food

For the whole family! A delicious cook and eat session.

Holi: Indian Festival of Colour

Why we celebrate Holi. Children will be involved in a drama-play followed by colour hunt and colour splash.

Diwali: Festival of Lights

Why we celebrate Diwali. Children will be involved in drama-play followed by creating Rangoli Art.

Kite Fest: Festival of  Kites

Why we celebrate Kites: Children will be involved into making their own kites followed by flying it.