Holi – Indian Festival of Colours

Holi is also known as the “festival of spring”, the “festival of colours”, and the “festival of love”. a national festival in India and people from all the states celebrate it. 

Why Do We Celebrate Holi?

A very popular ancient Hindu festival, originating from the Indian subcontinent.however now has spread to other areas of Asia and many parts of the Western world. Every year, the preparation to celebrate Holi starts in February ending with a huge festival either at the end of March or early April. 

On the festive day, we gather together to enjoy colour splash, water play, dance, laugh, eat. enjoy family time together and make new friends. This is definitely my favourite festival of all.  There are many reasons as to why Indians celebrate Holi, however one of the most popular ones is the triumph of good over evil.
I have a wonderful childhood story that was told by my grandparents and parents that I love to share with kids. The story about belonging and working together, caring for our environment, eating healthy food, drinking more water, saving water plus how the Holi colours are made and why we splash colours and water play? Holi is a festival of fun and colors for children.  People spend a lot of their time during the festival days engaging in fun activities.  

Strangers become instant friends as colours and water is splashed as we celebrate together. We have a very popular saying: “Bura na mano, Holi hai!” which means “do not mind, it’s Holi.” Let’s Have Fun and celebrate together.
Teachers, educators and parents – Lets Celebrate Holi Together.

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