Story Telling is Indian Tradition.

I was brought up in a four generation Indian home where storytelling was an everyday event.

My great-grandma, grand-parents and parents loved telling the traditional stories like why we celebrate Diwali – Festival of lights, Holi – Festival of colours, plus unlimited other legendary  stories. Every story was told with gestures, facial expressions, body movement and emotions. As a child, I would imagine myself as one of the characters in the story.    

Since my childhood I have loved story listening and telling stories.  It is such a wonderful way to communicate and engage each other in a conversation. Apart from enriching our natural creative,  imaginative and language abilities, story-telling also enhances our mental, emotional and social skills.

I give credit to my ancestors’ for giving me the gift of story-telling . My mission is to continue this wonderful tradition. Therefore I mindfully create and present live and online presentations as action-packed drama with lots of gestures, facial expressions, body movement and emotions so my audience becomes  part of the story. My goal is to encourage and empower children to embrace the art of story-telling. 

One of my favourite childhood story  told by my great-grandma is about  centuries old traditonal story about CHAKRAS. Great -grandma called it  The magical rainbow inside You. She told me this story when I was feeling sad or unwell.

I love this story so much that I have converted it into story books – The Magical Rainbow Inside You and My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow. These colourful books are created to teach children about some of the importance messages like  self-care, self-love, self-regulation and expressing emotions.

The word Chakra is from traditional (Indian) Sanskrit language, which means wheel or circle. It is believed that we all have these spinning energy centres inside our body. When we become aware and learn how to keep our chakra energy flowing in harmony with our body, it is believed to have a positive impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. Just the way we can’t see the air, yet we believe there is air that we breathe to keep us alive, so there is Chakra – natural energy vessels inside our body which keeps us healthy and happy from inside out. 

The Magical Rainbow Inside You and My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow are practical, simple and easy to follow stories for children and a fantastic resources for parents, teachers or anyone working with kids. Adults can read and explain, step by step, about individual colours and the positive messages they engender. For further information about the books click below.

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